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All Features of AlbumMagic Software is also included in ActionBox 3.0

एक्शन बॉक्स ब्लैक मैजिक कंपनी द्वारा बनाया गया एक एडिटिंग सॉफ्टवेयर  है जो फोटोशॉप के वर्शन CS3 से लेकर CC 2017 तक  सभी में सपोर्ट करता है और पासपोर्ट फोटो बनाने से लेकर वेडिंग एल्बम डिजाइनिंग  तक  सभी प्रकार की एडिटिंग करने के लिए काम आता है  | कहने का मतलब है कि ये सिंगल सॉफ्टवेयर कम्पलीट एडिटिंग सलूशन है | ये सॉफ्टवेयर लंबे अनुसंधान और भारत भर में फोटो स्टूडियो और आउटडोर फोटोग्राफर्स द्वारा फेस की जा रही फोटोएडिटिंग में समस्याओं को जानने के बाद मोहित जयपुरी जी द्वारा  बनाया गया है जो  स्वयं एक फोटोशॉप ट्रेनर हैं और वर्कशॉप के जरिये प्रोफेशनल फोटोग्राफर्स को एडवांस  फोटो एडिटिंग कि जानकारी देते हैं  । इस सॉफ्टवेयर का बेस एक्शन हैं जिन्हें प्रोग्रामिंग लैंग्वेज की सहायता से मॉडिफाई किया गया है इसलिए इसका नाम एक्शन बॉक्स रखा गया है | एक्शन बॉक्स नार्मल  एक्शन नही है  ये  हाइली मॉडिफाइड  एंड प्रोग्राम्ड पासवर्ड प्रोटेक्टेड एक्शन हैं जिनका अलग से एक यूजर  इंटरफ़ेस है जिसे हम एक अलग सॉफ्टवेयर या फोटोशॉप प्लगइन कह सकते हैं  |फोटोशॉप में कई चीजों के लिए आप चाहकर भी एक्शन नहीं बना सकते हैं क्यों कि उनके लिए प्रोग्रामिंग कि जरुरत पड़ती है लेकिन ऐसे एडवांस एक्शन भी एक्शन बॉक्स में दिए गए हैं | अगर  आप फोटोशॉप में फ़ास्ट एडिटिंग करना चाहते हैं तो ये सॉफ्टवेयर  आपके लिए है |

ActionBox is a unique photo editing software solution designed by Black Magic Enterprise. It is compatible with all the Photoshop versions from CS3 to CC 2017. All in all, it is a one stop solution for Complete Photo Editing Solution from simple Passport Photos to Elaborate Wedding albums. This powerful software is designed by the renowned, award-winning photoshop trainer Mohit Jaipuri, who conducts advanced photo editing workshops across India for professional photographers. He developed ActionBox considering the need to address various issues faced today by photo studios and photographers. The core of ActionBox is Action which has been Highly modified using a programming language. These are not Normal photoshop Action but highly modified password protected Actions using programming language with a separate creative user interface that can be used as a photoshop plugin. For example, since one cannot always create a long and modified action in Photoshop due to lack of programming knowledge , ActionBox is a perfect fit to address this requirement. It is highly recommended for photographers looking for fast editing in Photoshop. If you are also looking for such ultimate creative control then this intuitive toolbox is all you need.

Features (click to know more)

With the QUICK PASSPORT CREATION option, you can quickly create as many photos as you want, of different people simultaneously and that too in any size or any layout without any restrictions whatsoever. We have seen in the market that some photographers use 4X6 pages to create 8 passport photographs while some create 10 or 12, eventually cropping them to the required dimensions. While some photographers use small size prints of 4X6, others prefer bigger A4 size prints. Also, there are times when you need to create 45 photos of a single person, or just 6 or 4 or simply 2. QUICK PASSPORT OPTION is an easy to use solution for such requirements. For a detailed overview, please refer to the below video.


With QUICK EXPOSURE CORRECTION option, you can adjust the light and shadow of any photo using 33 exquisite tools such as dodging and burning to create a brilliant EXPOSURE with both automatic and manual options. In case you still create two layers of blending mode screen and masking to increase the light or use the CURVE or levelling option, then let us tell you that ActionBox does not have any such out-dated options but only the most advanced and improvised quick versions for these options. Want to know more? Please refer to the below video.



With 19 advanced tools for colour correction and white balance, any photo can be corrected with appropriate colour and any color cast whatsoever can be removed with ease and flexibility. For a detailed overview, please refer to the below video.


In QUICK RETOUCHING option, 7 tools are available to give perfect RETOUCHING to any photo of any size, clicked from a Mobile phone or a high-end DSLR camera. Whether the demand is for TEXTURED RETOUCHING or SMOOTH RETOUCHING, Voila! All these options and many others are available. With one single option, you will be able to retouch a 2MP or a 36MP photo. Moreover, if you have a photo without any texture then not only can you add the skin texture but add it in an extremely simple and easy manner. Find out more in the below video – 


With the Single Click BACKGROUND CHANGING option, you can change the background of any single colour background photo with just One Click! Not only that, you can also use any image that comes with ActionBox or any other image downloaded from internet as the Background. Whatever be the size of the image that you want to use as the background, it will automatically get adjusted with the dimensions of the photo. In case, you don’t like the background, you can change it again with a Single click. For your convenience, all the layers will be in PSD format so that you can easily modify and DRAG the required part to the Album designing page if needed. For a detailed overview, please watch the below video – 

With the SKY REPLACEMENT Option, you can replace the sky of any photo with just a single click. In fact, there is no need to select the sky area in an accurate time-consuming manner. Also, you can use any of your sky photos or any other sky image from the internet, whatever be the size or ratio and it will automatically get adjusted with the photo. You can explore numerous skies that come bundled with ActionBox by clicking on the tab and with just a single click you have another sky image as the background. You will surely be amazed at how quickly and easily the sky can be changed, giving the photo an entirely new look. For a detailed overview, please watch the below video – 

With more than 250 colour effects in ActionBox, you can create thousands of effects with utmost simplicity. Many creative options are provided such as keeping a single colour with a single click. For example, just keeping the red colour and changing the other colours to black and white. In modern albums designs, a lot of creativity is seen with respect to tones and colour effects, which can now be easily attained with a few clicks in ActionBox. A few other sought after effects include oil painting effect, vintage effect, light effects, BOKEH effects etc. With ActionBox, you get these and many others in just a Single Click. For a detailed overview, please watch the below video  


With the MANIPULATION EFFECTS Option, you can add BOKEH, light leak, flower leak, fire, SMOKE, RAIN, QUICK texture to any photo with a single click for the ultimate creative control. What’s even more amazing is that any image can be used in ActionBox for these effects. Needless to mention, the size and dimension of the image doesn’t matter as it gets automatically adjusted with the dimensions of your photo. Moreover, these can easily be modified later. For a detailed overview, please refer to the below video – 


With the LOGO/EXIF Option in ActionBox, you can add your Logo, PSD border or mask border with just a single click. Any mask downloaded from the internet can be used in ActionBox. Whatever be the size of your border or mask, ActionBox will automatically set it with the photo dimensions. Also, with just a single click, you can add the file name and EXIF data. For a detailed overview, please watch the below video – 


In the BATCH Option, 40 tools are given for batch processing of Photos. All you need to do is move the photos in a folder and ActionBox can resize all the photos at once in that particular folder. Not just that, you can also use this option to water mark, add PSD or mask a border to all your photos in a folder. Moreover, with its intuitive layout ActionBox will automatically consider wether the photo is VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL and make the changes accordingly even if the photos are of different sizes.For a detailed overview, please watch the below video – 


Album designing was never so EASY but with the COMPLETE ALBUM DESIGNING option, a plethora tools for creative editing and flexible designing open up for you! Selecting the photos from a folder and setting them in a pre-installed album design layout is not every photographers style. ActionBox has catered to this need and has been designed respecting the need for creative designing. Therefore, automatic options are designed especially for those photographers who prefer designing manually in their own unique style. Let’s go through the various options for a better understanding – 

1- With a single click, you will be able to add photos to any frame of PSD template available in the market even without changing the format or renaming any layer. All you need to do is Press on the keyboard while selecting the photos for the frames in any template of your choice. Once all the photos are selected, Click on   and your designed photo album will automatically be created. All the photos get resized according to your chosen frames and thus adapting to your style and taste.This will work with any template available in the market irrespective of the frame designs. 

2- With a single click, you can resize and add photos to any of your self-designed frames or to a frame created in ActionBox with shape tool, selection tool or brush tool or to any other custom made frame downloaded from internet. Thus, giving you ample freedom for creative designing with this digital toolbox.


3- On the PSD page, swapping of photos in different frames is also possible. You can modify it as per your taste and preference and add colour and light effects and set the white balance. For a detailed overview, please watch the below video – 


When you open a photo in photoshop, the same folder opens from where the photo was previously opened. However, there are times when we forget the folder in which we saved the particular photo/wallpaper, clip art, PSD file or any other important image and thus wasting a lot of time in searching. However, with the QUICK, OPEN & SAVE Option in ActionBox, we can directly go to wallpaper, PSD file or our favourites folder with just a single click irrespective of the folder that was opened the last time. Similarly, any photo can be saved in its fixed folder of JPEG, PNG or PSD with just a single click. Many other options in ActionBox have become faster when used with this option. For example, when you click on the option , then the wallpaper folder will open automatically. Thus saving on the navigation time. In the same way,  while changing the sky or using the BOKEH option, the respective folders will open automatically. Thus making the editing a lot simpler, smoother and faster. For a detailed overview, please watch the below video – 

How to Use Full Length  Videos


Sky Replacement & Background Changing

High End Skin Retouching & Makeup

Wedding Tones & Special Effects

Passport / Custom Logo / Frame & Border / File Name

Complete Album Designing (Auto & Manual)

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जी नहीं ..एक्शन बॉक्स के साथ DONGLE नहीं आता |एक्शन बॉक्स सिंगल कंप्यूटर पर इनस्टॉल होता है और प्रोसेसर ID के साथ लॉक हो जाता है | हमने इसे प्रोसेसर के साथ लॉक  इसलिए किया है क्यों कि हार्ड डिस्क और मदर बोर्ड हमेशा खराब होते रहते हैं पर प्रोसेस्सर कम खराब होता है | जब तक आपके कंप्यूटर का प्रोसेस्सर  चेंज नहीं होता तब तक एक्शन बॉक्स सॉफ्टवेयर उस कंप्यूटर में काम करता रहेगा | फोर्मेट करने के बाद भी वही पासवर्ड काम करेगा | जब आपके कंप्यूटर का प्रोसेसर खराब हो जाएगा तो आपको न्यू एक्शन बॉक्स लेना पड़ेगा |

Motherboard या हार्डडिस्क चेंज होने पर बिना किसी एक्स्ट्रा चार्ज के न्यू पासवर्ड दे दिया जाता है | अगर आप चाहते हैं कि बिना किसी एक्स्ट्रा चार्ज के आपको न्यू पासवर्ड मिल जाए तो एक्शन बॉक्स एक्टिवेशन के समय  एक्शन बॉक्स सॉफ्टवेर के साथ आने वाली USER INFORMATION.exe को भरना  करना पड़ेगा और जो फाइल जनरेट होगी उसे पर ईमेल करना पड़ेगा |अगर आप ये फाइल ईमेल नहीं करेंगे तो आपको मदर बोर्ड या हार्ड डिस्क खराब होने के बाद न्यू पासवर्ड नहीं मिलेगा इसलिए इस फाइल को एक्टिवेशन के बाद  मेल करने का ध्यान रखना है आपको
अधिक जानकारी के लिए निचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके विडियो को देखिये |

आप पैसे हमारे बैंक अकाउंट में डिपाजिट करने से पहले सॉफ्टवेयर आप  उपर दिए गए लिंक से डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं | बिना पासवर्ड के सॉफ्टवेर काम नहीं करेगा | पासवर्ड के लिए आपको हमारे बैंक अकाउंट में पैसे डिपाजिट करने पड़ेंगे या PAYTM करना पड़ेगा |

हेल्प विडियोस की लिंक उपर दी गयी है जिसे देख कर आप एक्शन बॉक्स इस्तेमाल करना सिख सकते हैं |

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आप जब भी एक्शन बॉक्स लेंगे उस वर्शन के बाद आने वाले 2 अपडेट फ्री रहेंगे | दो अपडेट के बाद के अपडेट के लिए आपको नोमिनल चार्जेज पे करने पड़ेंगे |

जी नहीं एक्शन बॉक्स एक्टिवेशन या उसको चलाने के लिए इन्टरनेट की कोई जरुरत नहीं पड़ती | इन्टरनेट की जरुरत तब पड़ती है जब आपको अपडेट डाउनलोड करना हो या फिर कोई प्रॉब्लम आये और अगर फ़ोन पर आपकी प्रॉब्लम सोल्व नहीं हो पा रही तो TEAM VIEWER सॉफ्टवेयर के इस्तेमाल से प्रॉब्लम सोल्व करते वक्त इन्टरनेट की जरुरत पड़ती है

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हमारा कोई ऑफिस नहीं है |BLACK MAGIC PHOTOSHOP मध्यप्रदेश स्टेट के इंदौर सिटी में हमारे फ्लैट से ही ऑनलाइन रन होता है | It’s a very small business startup.
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